Gypsy was diagnosed with an acute auto-immune episode pemphigus vulgaris as a 5 month old puppy and we nearly lost her. As a result of the medications and interventions she has also had repeated yeast ear infections and yeasty feet. We’re very careful with her diet and treats to minimise any further episodes. Otherwise she’s a healthy, happy and active dog.

On deciding to try Doggy Daily I started by giving a half dose of the supplement and checking her ears, feet, mouth and bottom daily to make sure that there was no adverse reaction. Gypsy loved the smell and taste and would have licked it directly from the pouch if I’d let her. To my surprise and delight after only 4 days I thought that I could smell less yeast in her ears and on her feet. This has continued and her ears and feet are dry and have no musty yeast smell. She has great energy and her coat remains as soft and fluffy as its always been. She’s now into her second packet of Doggy Daily and we’ll be continuing.


3rd September 2019