All Round Treater Pack
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All Round Treater Pack
All Round Treater Pack
All Round Treater Pack
All Round Treater Pack

All Round Treater Pack

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A Healthy Gut is Your Dog's Best Protection for a happier, healthier life so here’s a fun, festive and natural way to enhance the nutrient quality of your dog's diet.

Doggy Daily Natural Pet Supplement NZ
Packed full of all-natural superfood ingredients, DOGGY DAILY provides dogs with an essential dose of gut-boosting nutrients, including turmeric (well known for reducing inflammation) that are missing from most modern diets.

Doggy Daily Biscuit Mix
Rich in ALL-NATURAL superfoods, and tried and tested by our Chief Vet, Doggy Biscuits are good for the gut and so much more! Plus did we mention they're fun to make?
P.S - They come with their very own bone-shaped cutter!

Doggy Bliss Balls
DOGGY BLISS BALLS are 100% natural, made in NZ and full of gut-boosting nutrients like turmeric, coconut and probiotics - all missing in action from most modern dog diets.

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