Moggy Daily & Herbal Cat Happiness Bundle

Moggy Daily & Herbal Cat Happiness Bundle

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Treat your Cat with Moggy Daily Natural Supplement and bring them to life more with our organic Catnip

Details Below:

Moggy Daily 
Packed full of superfood ingredients, Moggy Daily naturally assists in the reduction of inflammation at the same time as advancing gut health, immunity and healthy skin and coats.  It's the all-round, all-natural daily boost for better pet health and wellbeing!


Herbal Cat Happiness
Makes cats “frolicsome, amorous and full of fun” due to a chemical produced in the catnip plant called nepetalactone.

Catnip acts as a temporary, natural stimulant for about 70% of cats.  Its effects will last a short period (10-60 mins) and afterwards, cats are unlikely to be affected again within the following 1-2 hours.

Herbal Cat Happiness is ideal for producing a happy cat.

Happy cat behaviours include:

  • Rolling around, hyperactivity, meowing crazily
  • Drooling, Purring, Sleepiness

Note: Some cats have been known to become temporarily aggressive and hiss, but this is rare.