Doggy Daily Immunity Boost for SENIOR Dogs - 250g

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Doggy Daily Immunity Boost for SENIOR Dogs - 250g

Doggy Daily Immunity Boost for SENIOR Dogs - 250g

$29.99 $29.99

Doggy Daily Immunity Boost for SENIOR Dogs - 250g

$29.99 $29.99


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Customer Reviews

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Lavina J.
German Shepherd Repeat Purchasers from Dunedin

I have two senior german shepherds on your Doggy Daily Immunity Boost For Seniors and one younger on the Immunity Boost Supplement.
We have been using your product for nearly a year with very positive results for all three.
All the girls have new vitality and energy to boost, beautiful healthy coats and bright eyes. Their general well-being is to be admired, a great result from Doggy Daily.
I recommend this product to everyone even my vet.


Natural, made in NZ, affordable and it works! I tried might much first and gave up after realising it would cost us over $200 a month! We use the senior formula for our large 9 year old lab. It does take about 8 weeks to really kick in (as they all do) but only costs about $50 for three months so very affordable.
My only niggle would be to see a more sustainable refil packaging options?


Great product! Helped give my boy extra energy. But I now buy the one for senior dogs and that’s even better for my 11 year old boy.

Wernard B.
Powerful Supplement!

Doggy daily seems to keep my two Senior dogs young!

What amazing product and amazing difference

I wish I could give more stars for this product and a big thankyou to the lady’s that made this I brought this for my old boy who’s 15 years and 2 months old since I’ve put him on this product their been a amazing change in him his coat is beautiful it’s more white than it ever was his sores are all healed and gone and have not returned his eating habit has changed he’s eating more now than he had done in a long time he more happier and sleeps better and his moulbty has improved my old boy wasn’t a well dog we had a lot vet trips back wards and forward s and the amount of medication the vets had him on was making him sicker it was breaking my heart to see my old boy getting sicker so I told the vets now more and went searching for a something else that would help him and I found it olive kitchen at first my old boy wasn’t a great fan of it but the more he had with starting at small spoons fullls the more he liked it now he eats like yummy chocolate pudding I wanna give the lady’s at olive kitchen a big huge than for making a fantastic product use are amazing and it’s helped my old boy so much so thankyou
And no more vets and no more vet bills as it wasn’t cheap taking him all the time now he just goes to the vets for his booster for Pravo here’s pic of my big boy in white with a black head he’s a big beautiful teddy bear

Happy with my purchase

I have a 'more mature' little dog with a very dodgy tummy that has ended her up at the vets on a number of occasions. We have been introducing Doggy Daily Immunity Boost for Seniors gradually and it hasn't upset her stomach and she loves the taste, which is wonderful. Only been using it for a few weeks so far but will buy again

Hey! Thanks for sharing - we are happy to hear the difference it has made for you :)

Paula M.
Doggy Daily immunity boost for senior dogs

Great product. My dog likes it. She has more energy and her gut health has improved immensely


Bought the original, but for my senior boy this works even better. His energy leveled have increased so much!


My dog loves this and it’s making such a difference to his energy levels. This is now a staple in our home.

Gus gets better

We love this product and so does Gus! His itchy sensitive skin clears up and he is a much happier Good Boy 😀