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Darcy loves this rolls round on it then eats it all

Immunity Boost Supplement

super dogs love it A+++


My spoodle has been itchy ears free since I've given him doggy daily. Love it and so does Gary

Hey Lois! We are so happy to hear that!! :)

Great for my girls gut

Has been great for gut health and have seen much healthier stools as a result. One happy girl with a happy tummy!


My Doberman puppy had dry skin and thin hair on his back. After using this product he is lovely and shiny and looks great.

We have used this product for years. We have a small dog and have found it so good for her. If at any time she’s becomes anxious or starts shaking a couple of drops certainly calms her. I have mentioned to our friends who have pets also, to give it a try. :)

This is awesome to hear! Thanks for sharing!

Pretty good!

Have used to supplement our dogs kibble, she enjoys the taste which is great. We're currently working through an environmental allergy so I can't say confidently how effective it's been in that regard but will keep using and see. Would be good to know what the 7 probotic strains are? 😊

Immunity booster

Holly has been on antibiotics for a while and I thought this would help her...as she is so anxious and kept licking her paws..
Wow what a difference.. been on it for 2 weeks now and she is so calm has stopped licking her paws. Highly recommended 👌. She eats it without it being on food.


Wow my 17 year old cat Gemma, went crazy and acted like a kitten all over again. The plants I planted she destroyed my chewing them and laying on them... now I can control the amount she gets.. thankyou very much highly recommended 👍

We are glad Gemma loves the Catnip x

Puppy love

Our two big breed dogs live this sprinkled over their meals and keeps them from continuusly being scratching and sensitive to allergies outside the home.

Tasty morsels

My two Cocker Spaniels love the Doggy Daily Bliss Balls. Every time the pottle is taken out of the pantry, they are hot on my heels, sitting immediately with big wanting eyes. Easy to order, with a rapid delivery. Thanks again Olive's Kitchen

Hey Jo! So happy to hear the bliss balls are a hit!

Immunity Boost

Early days yet but so far seems to agree with my boy. Very happy with this product, time will tell.


cat loves it so that's the review!

My KitKat loved these

Was abit unsure if she would eat then but she seemed to really enjoy them!

Love it!

Our little foxie was miserable from what seemed to be an allergic reaction to something. In less than a week of using this supplement we had massive improvements with her demeanor and she has more energy than ever. The rash on her tummy hasn't gone yet but looking less inflamed.

Dogs love them

All 4 of my dogs love these

We give them this one after lunch and the other flavour after dinner . Since they enjoy it we have cut down on meaty treats and they don't mind it at all. We are preparing them to sustain on vegetarian food which includes some eggs .

Hey Kia, that is pawsome to hear !!! Thanks for sharing

My boy Blaz loves this, and I love the results he's had. He has had tummy problems previously which makes things 'loose' at times. He also gets a grumbly tummy if he hasn't eaten by a certain time in the day which has a knock on effect with his bowels. Since starting on this his poo has firmed up, and he has had no grumbly tummy. Will definitely keep using this.

Hey Angela, we are so glad to hear Blaz is starting to feel better and you are notiicng a difference!

Great product that my dogs love

I was looking for a product for my 10 & 12 year old dogs to support them in their later years. My lab mix has been battling allergy issues for about 8 years and was looking for something natural to help. I have been using the product for a couple of months now and have noticed a difference in their overall condition and it is helping with the allergy issues.

We are happy to hear that this has helped with allergies :) thanks for sharing!


My dog poo was really runny all the time for two weeks but once I put this in her food she felt much better . Running around and having solid poos

We are so happy to hear that the Puppy Mud has helped !

Puppy Mud

Our Dog has IBS and chronic diarrhoea we have tried so many things and this has worked wonders. So Happy with it. Our dog is even looking happier. Would highly recommend this.

Thank you for sharing! We are so glad the puppy mud made a difference!

Doggie Daily Immunity Boost

My beautiful girl Huggles has been on this for sometime now and gets excited about having it every morning. Since being on it her tummy is much more settled plus whenever she may hurt herself playing with friends which happens occasionally she bounces back really quickly. I also get compliments on her coat and how good she looks. I am a skeptic and was unsure when I first bought it but now I can't speak highly enough. Thanks Olives Kitchen for producing these great supplements at a price which is affordable 🥰

Thank you for sharing! We are glad it has made a difference to Huggles life! :)

Our dog froths over this. I don't think we could ever stop purchasing it now! We noticed pretty quickly the improvement in her skin and coat.

So happy to hear this! Thanks for sharing Michaela