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A non-believer, now a BELIEVER

by Samantha Stretton 02 Aug 2023
A non-believer, now a BELIEVER

Ok, I was a bit of a non-believer as I had tried everything.

You were my last hope which I actually didn't believe would work. My Luna is allergic to life, Allergic to all proteins, tried at least 10 different types. Luna is allergic to grass, so every walk, every toilet, she would touch grass. she got sick from sterioids (steroid-induced cushings) this nearly killed her. Then we tried really expensive prescription meds that really didn't work and at $500 a month for meds that didn't fully control we could not keep doing it.

So end of life care, it was going to be. Our Doggy Daily product had been popping up in my Facebook feed for months but you know anything on Facebook is bullsh*t and won't work. Well we are one month in and she still has itchy ears but not infected.

A whole month with no infection!!. I still rinse her after a walk but no major breakout. She even got into some chicken treats (not meant for her) and has had no reaction. This stuff is a lifesaver to Luna. Thank you so much

Helen C

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