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Doggy Daily Lovers

Absolutely loving & will be purchasing more

by Mackenzie Fabish 28 Jul 2022
Absolutely loving & will be purchasing more

Before feeding the Doggy Daily Superfood Supplement to Storm, his poo was super runny, he always had a lovely coat been a 10 month old husky, but I’ve notice it’s way nicer, he doesn’t scratch as much unless it’s something that’s just tickled him but his poo looks way normal now which shows me his guts are improving everyday. Plus he LOVES it. I feed him this every night with some veggies & a fruit, he hasn’t loss or gain weight, he’s at a perfect weight according to his groomer & the Vet. Absolutely loving this & will be purchasing more for my mum & dads dog & more for Storm next time.


Kyllie A

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