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Bright Eyed And Playful Again

by Tania Conder 15 Jun 2022
Bright Eyed And Playful Again

My 8yr boy was concerning me with dull coat that was moulting copious amounts continuously. He was compulsively eating sticks at every opportunity, every day & vomiting them up in the early hours. I’d changed food & he got abscessed anal glands. So I was recommended a Senior Dog food. His health didn’t improve. I was going to consult the vet to see what I could do to improve his well-being.

I was given a packet of Olive’s Kitchen Doggy Daily a while back. I took a look at the ingredients which did impress me. I’d heard the benefits of turmeric for older dogs. I started adding 2 teaspoons into his breakfast. He always ate that first so I carried on. Two weeks later I realised he’d stopped eating & vomiting up sticks.

It’s now 3 weeks later. His coat is shiny again & he’s not losing copious amounts. He’s bright eyed & playful again. He’s still not eating sticks. His stomach is settled. I am amazed at the difference. I am so grateful I chanced upon Doggy Daily.

Kathy G.

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