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Calm skin and ears with Doggy Daily!

by Mackenzie Fabish 14 Feb 2023
Calm skin and ears with Doggy Daily!

Our boys absolutely love Doggy Daily! They have been on this for about 4 months. Marlo (brown and white springer) has had no ear infections or skin flare ups since being on this supplement. He was experiencing a serious ear infection every two months, which took us to the vets for treatment. Both our boys are prone to skin allergies, mostly linked to running in grass. Loki (black and white) eats his food so quickly with the supplement added. He can't get enough of it! His skin is also calmer and his legs, which are prone to flare ups are less inflamed. Our boys were on Apoquel daily and we have now stopped using this. Thank you Doggy Daily!

- Yolanda E.

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