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Frankie is a happier dog now

by Samantha Stretton 12 Nov 2021
Frankie is a happier dog now
"Frankie is a 12 years old Miniature Schnauzer. She had stiff in the joints, use to gnaw her paws, scratch and scoot constantly and needed help to jump up on the couch. 2 weeks on Doggy Daily once a day the stiffness in her hind legs seems to have gone, she runs and jumps with ease, appetite has returned her coat looks glossy and vibrant and she is generally a much happier dog. Frankie is a very fussy eater, I knew with giving her something new there would be a challenges so I was very surprised when I sprinkled it over her food she gobbled it up licking her lips. Doggy Daily has really improved Frankie in so many ways it’s well worth buying, thank you Olive’s kitchen for this great product." - Carol
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