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Happy & healthy & adorable with Doggy Daily

by Elle Skepper 29 Jun 2023
Happy & healthy & adorable with Doggy Daily

I adopted Jagger at 17months. I have had his Dad since he was a puppy. Jagger was on a food for his icky tummy. He had a tendency to scavenge on his walks including two scary episodes of ingesting karaka berries, the week before he came to me. As I had his Dad on Doggy Daily with great results. He’d been refusing occasional meals & eating sticks compulsively & vomiting them up in the early hours. I put Jagger on Doggy Daily. He’s now a few weeks off two years old. I don’t recall the last time he scavenged. I’ve put him on same food as his Dad. He’s happy & healthy & adorable.

- Kathy G.

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