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My dogs are no longer licking, scratching and chewing at themselves

by Caitlyn Coulston 29 Nov 2023
My dogs are no longer licking, scratching and chewing at themselves
"I've been using Doggy Daily for my two dogs, for over a month now and I'm over the moon. My dogs are no longer licking, scratching and chewing at themselves. They're so much happier. The Vet said it was either environmental or diet, for both dogs to be suffering. She gave me some shampoo to relieve the itch and suggested I make a few changes to their diet. I did, and it helped a little but it's not easy trying to determine what in our environment could be affecting them. We're surrounded by farming and cropping. I checked the yard for new plants, weeds etc that they could be eating or rubbing up against but couldn't find anything new. I've tried two other products but no joy with them. Not saying they don't work, just that they didn't work for us. So, my dogs have been carrying this allergy or inflammation for some time now, poor things. Then I stumbled across Doggy Daily, and the transformation is amazing. The thing that makes me the happiest is that they both sleep soundly now whereas before, they'd be licking and nibbling on and off throughout the night. They sleep in our room, so it used to drive hubby and I, just as crazy as it was driving them lol. I can laugh about it now. No more of that, and it's bliss. We're all sleeping better now thanks to Doggy Daily, and so much happier. It's been a blessing in our household and such a great relief for our dogs. Thank you for your product. About to order my next lot." - Marama Pai
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