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Ru shines gold in the sunlight thanks to Doggy Daily

by Samantha Stretton 21 Oct 2021
Ru shines gold in the sunlight thanks to Doggy Daily

"This is my boy Ru 😊 he was a rescue and hand reared as some cruel people decided to try drown a litter, over the years of having Ru I have been in and out of the vets (the bills were big!) as his skin was red, itchy and lumpy, the last suggestion was 6 months injections so I decided to try supplements, thank God I did! After a week on Doggy Daily his skin started to heal and after now two months he is glowing! Such a better solution (and cheaper) to injections, Highly recommended product, thank you for helping us make ru a happier dog đŸ¶ (p.s he shines gold in sunlight) đŸ„°" - Caitlyn

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