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Since using Doggy Daily we have had no more vet trips!

by Claudia Harrop 10 Jul 2024
Since using Doggy Daily we have had no more vet trips!

I've been using Doggy Daily Immunity Boost for just over a year now and have seen such a huge improvement in my dogs. My girl, Ohana, was so prone to allergies we were taking her to the vet every few months getting medicines for her allergies and can happily say, I have not had to in the year I've been using this product. I have also seen improvements in other areas including her gut health (she did have some very stinky farts). I have since used this on ALL my dogs including her pups that have also grown with this product (from 12weeks onwards). Definitely a satisfied customer. Thank you team from Olives Kitchen.

T, R. 

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