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Tried on a whim, felt like we'd found a miracle cure

by Elle Skepper 12 Jul 2023
Tried on a whim, felt like we'd found a miracle cure

Our girl had been struggling with red, itchy flare ups on her underbelly and paws which was causing her to lick and lick and lick. She’s always eaten high quality food and we tried all sorts of things to identify the cause and ease the symptoms. Trips to the vet for shots when it got really bad we’re costing us a fortune. We tried Dog Daily Immunity Boost on a whim and within a week she had stopped licking, the redness subsided and we felt like we’d found a miracle cure. A month on there is very minimal irritation on her skin and the main thing is she is more comfortable. She loves the taste - we mix it into her morning dry food with a splash of Safflower oil. I can’t recommend this product enough. It was by far the cheapest thing we tried, the easiest to administer (I mean, it smells delicious), and the most effective. Thank you for creating a natural, affordable, great tasting product.

- Catriona M.

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