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Doggy Daily Lovers

Two Welsh Springer Spaniels

by Annah Stretton 20 Jul 2020
Two Welsh Springer Spaniels

I have been using doggy daily for my family's two welsh springer spaniels for almost a year now.

Both eat it easily, our youngest will even eat it directly from a spoon by itself! 

Our 3yr dog has mild hip dysplasia and it can be frequent in springer spaniels.

I have been using doggy daily and another supplement to try to help slow down the progression of the injury and also have been giving it to the younger dog to help prevent hip dysplasia for her as long as possible.  

I am a dog walker who takes packs of dogs out into the bush for hikes. Out in the bush are many bugs and worms and they also get very muddy. I am aware of how a healthy diet can help dogs with many functions in their body and immune system. Doggy Daily has been a great product that is easily given to our dogs, we haven't had any problem with their gut and their fur has stayed healthy and soft. 

It's also nice to know that we are supporting an NZ company. 

From Anna Wallace 

19th July 2020

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