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Mr Meowgi & Moggy Daily Success

by Samantha Stretton 27 Oct 2021
Mr Meowgi & Moggy Daily Success


I have two cats, Mr Meowgi (a stray who followed me home and never left) and Poppy ( a rescue kitten from a prison who was very malnourished when I got her). Poppy is 18 months old and the vet estimated Mr Meowgi is between 3 and 8 years.

I was told about Olives Kitchen by a colleague when we were talking about feeding our animals a natural diet. I am going to talk to my neighbours about it as they have two beautiful cats. I would recommend your supplements to all pet owners .

I stated using Moggy Daily for the following reasons:

  • I was hoping to improve the health of my cats. Mr Meowgi as he is a big cat and had to have surgery for a blocked bladder two months ago. Poppy because she had such a rough start to life.
  • Since using Moggy Daily, their coats look great, they have more energy and are happy and healthy.
  • I really like that Moggy Daily is natural. I don't like giving my cats medication or using it myself.
  • The only thing I would say is my cats weren't too keen on it when I first started feeding Moggy Daily but they have got used to it.
  • My two cats are currently on Royal Canine urinary wet and dry food. I mix their Moggy Daily with the wet food in the morning. I would much prefer to feed them a meat diet but am feeding as per vet advice.

Thanks again for such a great product.


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