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Dog Diarrhea Is the Problem. Restoring Dog Gut Health Is the Answer

by Melissa Reid 16 May 2021
Dog Diarrhea Is the Problem. Restoring Dog Gut Health Is the Answer

Olive's Kitchen is on a mission to improve the gut health of cats and dogs. Why? Because it is the engine room of their immune system and an absolute foundation for good health.  We also believe that good food is our dog’s best gut health medicine which is why we have a developed Doggy Daily, a daily supplement to help restore gut health in dogs.

You can imagine our excitement then when we saw a recent research article on chronic gastro-intestinal disease in dogs. The article states diet should be the first line of defense for restoring dog gut health.  

The research findings suggest: 

  • 50-60% of gut inflammation could be treated by good food!  
  • 10%-20% only will be helped by antibiotics or steroids

In a nutshell, what all this means is that re-establishing healthy bacterial flora through a good-for-the-gut diet is absolutely the way to go if your mutt is suffering in the gut e.g. experiencing diarrhoea.

So, where do you start? That's where Doggy Daily comes in. Formulated with holistic vets, it’s so easy to incorporate into your feeding routine; just sprinkle a teaspoon a day into a wet or dry dog bowl. That’s it! Boom, you will be making a positive difference to your dog’s gut health.

Interested in finding out more? We've got some great blog posts on dog gut health. Or shop our best-selling dog supplement Doggy Daily now!

Photo: @aiko_the_doggo

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