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Is Your Pet’s Gut Throwing Their Health Out of Whack?

by Annah Stretton 27 Jul 2020
Is Your Pet’s Gut Throwing Their Health Out of Whack?


Is your pet’s gut throwing their health out of whack?

Does your beloved pet suffer from common digestive issues such as loose poop, vomiting, diarrhea, or excess gas?  If the answer is yes then there’s a good chance that their gut is letting them know that it’s not happy. Poor skin and coat quality, an under-performing immune system, and a lack of energy are also tell-tale signs that all is not well in the gut.

 What lies inside

 The digestive tract is an amazing machine.  Lined with a complex colony of good and bad bacteria, fungi, yeast, and viruses (called microbiota) it helps to break down your pet’s food into substances that can be absorbed and used for bodily functions.  The health status of that microbiota can range from diverse and healthy to imbalanced and that’s when digestive and other issues can surface. 

How can you restore your pet’s gut health?

By feeding a diet that supports gut health, you’ll decrease their chances of developing digestive issues.

A good for the gut pet food diet is not just natural and wholesome but it also includes fibre which helps to keep your pet’s microbiota diverse, active, and flourishing. Superfood fruits and vegetables are great sources of fibre to add to the food bowl. Other friends of the gut are probiotics and omega fatty acids.

Good food is the best medicine. 

As a pet parent, your choice of pet food will have a major impact on their overall health and well-being. By taking steps to nourish their gut through diet, you’ll help to support a well-functioning digestive system and create a happier, healthier pet.  Paws up to that!

For Gut's Sake!

Rich in gut essential nutrients, a teaspoon of Doggy Daily in a wet or dry dog food or cat food bowl enhances your pet’s gut health and so much more.

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