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Time to Get Canine Cancer-Wise

by Sami Stretton 04 Aug 2021
Time to Get Canine Cancer-Wise


As the leading cause of death in dogs, it’s time to get canine cancer wise

Even though a dog’s risk of getting cancer is roughly the same as humans (i.e. between 1:2 and 1:4) it seems to be so much more prevalent these days. So, why are so many dogs being diagnosed with cancer each year? And why are so many dying from their cancer? Here’s some Q&A from The Vet Desk.

Why are so many dogs dying from cancer?

According to recent studies a cancer diagnosis in dogs often tragically translates into a death sentence because of the advanced stage at which the cancer is diagnosed. In simple terms, by the time pet owners notice that things are not well with their beloved pets, it is often too late to treat.

Is canine cancer diagnosis on the rise?

Even though humans and dogs share a similar lifetime risk of getting cancer, the annual incidence of canine cancer is up to 10 times higher than in humans. The reason for this is all around dog years. Their lifetime risk is being compressed into a much-shorter lifespan.

Does the risk of cancer increase with age?

Yes. Up to 50% of dogs over 10 years of age will develop cancer during the remainder of their lives.

What are some of the drivers of cancer?

Just like humans, both cellular and environmental factors can cause cancer in dogs. At its core, however, cancer is a disease of the genome and therefore it is directly caused by genomic alterations.

Does breeding have any impact on cancer risk?

Yes, selective breeding can result in some breeds having an increased likelihood of cancer cell mutations occurring.

How can I reduce the chances of my pedigree dog getting cancer?

A dog cancer prevention diet needs to be an important area of focus. All dogs, but particularly purebred dogs, should have a diet that includes foods with cancer-fighting properties such as superfoods to boost their immunity and help reduce the risk of cancer.

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