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Doggy Daily Lovers

Gracie, Olive & Scout

by Sami Stretton 23 Jul 2018
Gracie, Olive & Scout

I have been feeding my dogs a mix of raw veggies and raw meat, supplemented with Doggie Daily for the last 6 months.

As a dog owner of many years, I have simply accepted the diseases as they have arrived. Many of my fur babies have died well before their time and resulted in large and costly vet bills with no real results.

The change in food seems to have solved many of the past wellness issues we have had and has certainly optimised their weight and overall health. With Doggie Daily and a raw food diet also assisting as a natural wormer and tick and flea preventer, I’ve also further minimised the chemicals I have had to give them, whilst eliminating all processed food from their diets.

Sure it takes me a little more time but I’m hoping this time will result in them giving me more of their years to enjoy, so this is possibly one of the best trades off I have made in a while.


23rd July 2018

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