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Doggy Daily Lovers

Pico, Pepe, Felix & Ruby

by Sami Stretton 23 Jul 2018
Pico, Pepe, Felix & Ruby

I have 4 little dogs who are now all following a RAW food diet for the last few months where I have been adding the Doggie Daily Sprinkle.

I began to research more around dogs and their diets when one of them was diagnosed with epilepsy with no known aetiology and we weren’t managing to gain effective control over her seizures with conventional intervention.

She remains medicated but since the introduction of the unique sprinkle formula she has now been seizure free for the last 6 weeks, her energy levels have increased, she has an amazing lust for life and dinner time now involves 360 spins followed by enthusiastic consumption.

The dogs have never been healthier! They love dinner time whereas before they didn’t have a lot of interest in the dry biscuits we used to give them and were clearly eating just enough of them to get buy. The sprinkle is also an aid in effectively assisting with natural worming and de-fleaing.

There has been such a noticeable transition in all of them, the 3 are eldest are now obviously more youthful with much higher energy levels, all of them have shiny coats and their stools are perfect!!

I’m a big fan!

Rebecca & Vicki

23rd July 2018

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