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I Recommend Doggy Daily to All My Clients

by Annah Stretton 22 Jul 2020
I Recommend Doggy Daily to All My Clients

As you can see my beautiful babies are doing so well on your amazing Doggy Daily and the beautiful Vet Love Naturally oils too.

This is one of the few photos I have that isn’t full of other people's babies as well, as I do doggy daycare from home here.

I highly recommend your products to my grooming customers and daycare customers. My white poodle Lillie who is the oldest at nine years, has always been a fussy eater, and never maintains a good weight. After being on Doggy Daily she is enjoying her food and is keeping at a really good weight. They are all contented and obviously feeling full of beans. Lovely bright eyes and healthy coats.

Many thanks for this amazing product.


Gillian Beath
Spoilt Rotten Dog Grooming and Daycare


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