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Doggy Daily Keeps Nadira & Dagon In Tip Top Condition

by Annah Stretton 30 Jul 2020
Doggy Daily Keeps Nadira & Dagon In Tip Top Condition

We have been using Doggy Daily for quite some time now (I’d almost be tempted to say we’re bordering a year of use). At first, I do admit, it was a luxury item that we splurged on when we felt like it but as the months have progressed, I’ve definitely seen the addition of Doggy Daily to be more of an essential; there are just far too many health benefits to ignore. So now we pop a packet of Doggy Daily in our online shopping cart every fortnight for our dual doggy home to minimize the possible risk of running short within the month - that’s how much we have come to value this supplement.

I think it was a blessing that we started with Doggy Daily before Nadira turned 1 year old (she’s now 20 months old) because she is in absolutely gorgeous condition! Her coat looks luscious and fabulous, is super soft, and always looks vibrant and glossy; she has never once had any skin or coat issues. Her joints seem to be great too as she runs and jumps effortlessly, which is especially noticeable on our agility training nights - there are no aches and pains afterward, and you can see she is able to move easily.

I definitely do believe that there has been a boost in her immunity too as she has never really been sickly; internal and external parasites are also kept at bay and we have never really had any particular issues with that for Nadira. I mean, just look at those bright healthy eyes! 

Dagon, our other pup, has also been on Doggy Daily (especially after his episode with internal parasite susceptibility. Since he has been on Doggy Daily, I’ve seen a huge improvement with his gut health - it certainly seems to help with his worm susceptibility) and is also doing wonderfully with his daily dose of the superfood booster! Like Nadira, he is an extremely active boy who seems to have no fear when putting his joints to the test; we have also noticed a decline in his worm susceptibility since putting him back on Doggy Daily (he was off it for a while) which definitely shows there is something working on the inside!

Kind regards,
Pascalene (@nadira_the_kiwi_collie)  

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