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Are You Shortening Your Dog’s Life?

by Annah Stretton 24 Sep 2018
Are You Shortening Your Dog’s Life?


Any dog owner would be devastated to know that they maybe unconsciously shortening the life of their beloved pooch, through a number of bad habits, one of the biggest being overfeeding and unhealthy diets.

Dog obesity is one of our most prevalent problems. Excessive portion sizes and the type of food you feed has a huge effect on your dog’s health and lifespan. The dangers of a dog being overweight from a poor diet are similar to human lifestyle illnesses and include diabetes, cancer, liver kidney, and thyroid disease. All of these may be preventable.

There are simple ways to change your dog’s intake with little effort that will make a huge difference to their lifespan and health. Grain-based foods are the biggest culprit and cause the most harm to your dog’s diet. Choosing a "RAW diet" for your dog is beneficial in so many ways and affects not only their weight and overall health but also supports cleaner teeth, healthier skin and shinny coats.

Adding a superfood combination such as our Doggy Daily sprinkle enriches a RAW diet and aids in maintaining a healthy weight as well as helping protect them from illnesses and diseases, to assist in lengthening their lifespans.

Read more about RAW Food diets for your pooch here and make a change that they will not only love and enjoy, but also benefits their life.

Learn more about other bad habits that are shortening your dog’s life here.

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