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Doggy Daily

by Sami Stretton 10 Sep 2018
Doggy Daily

Obese dogs, sick dogs, badly behaved dogs and spoilt dogs; what have we done to man’s best friend?

As we struggle to maintain optimal wellness ourselves, I can’t help but think that we have simply transferred these poor choices onto our pooches. Whilst I understand our difficulty in breaking our own addiction with sugar and the preoccupation with fast and often delicious foods, our dogs are not humans and do not need to join us in the consumption of these marginalised foods. We are simply, in many cases, overfeeding and under-nourishing them with food that contains added fillers, grains, preservatives and chemicals.

Whilst I accept most of us fall hopelessly in love with our four-legged friends, surely it is not our intent to shorten their lifespan and reduce their quality of life which is, unfortunately, a slippery slope so many of us are unknowingly heading towards.

We know a healthy life with increasing levels of wellness requires good and real food. So it’s simple really, dogs also need REAL food, real meat, and real vegetables.

Give it a go, take your dog off the packaged and often preservative-laden food (the carbohydrates that make up most of the dry food mixes are the same carbohydrates that can also decrease your dog’s wellness) Link to our feeding plans.

Try a mix of fresh meat with some of the following raw vegetables grated on top:
Carrot (also natural wormer)
Pumpkin seeds, crushed (another natural wormer)
Garlic, half a small clove (a flea and tick preventative)
Flax oil, a dessert spoon serve

Mix it all together and watch them dig in!

Your dog needs you to make these changes. Let’s face it your fur baby will eat whatever you put in front of them, so it’s up to you to make choices that amplify wellness, reduce lifestyle diseases, and decrease inflammation. Sure it takes a little more time than dumping a cup of dry food in their bowl each night but I figure most of us believe our four-legged friends are worth the investment.

Remember if you mess with nature, it may just come back to BITE you.
Feed real and natural food that is balanced with controlled portions.

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