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Cooper the miracle schnauzer pup walks again

by Mackenzie Fabish 17 Feb 2023
Cooper the miracle schnauzer pup walks again


16 February, 2023

When Cooper, an adorable five-month-old schnauzer pup, visited Dr Heidi’s practice in January for a second opinion, he was not in good shape. He had suffered a catastrophic neck and back injury after being hit head-on at the dog park by a larger dog and was unable to walk.

“His neck was frozen, he was in severe pain in his neck, T6 and lower back, and he only had movement in his ears and tail.” Says Dr Heidi.

In a nutshell, the pressure on Cooper’s nerves from the impact swelling had turned him into a paraplegic.

Following a full orthopaedic assessment, Dr Heidi put together a holistic spinal trauma recovery plan which included taking control of Cooper’s diet.

“We immediately changed his diet to an anti-inflammatory diet, and that included doggy daily.”

Cooper’s full emergency care plan included traction, motion exercises, hydrotherapy, laser therapy, daily electric acupuncture and his anti-inflammatory diet.

“When we are fighting to save a pet’s life, we use a holistic approach, and nutrition is a key ingredient in our treatment and care recipe.” Says Dr Heidi

One month down the track, we are pleased to report that Cooper has made a miraculous recovery from his potentially life-threatening injury and is now back up and running!

We are so delighted that Doggy Daily was able to play a small part in Cooper’s recovery.



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Cooper in a sling


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