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If you have an anxious or neurotic dog, this blog post is for you

by Elle Skepper 21 Feb 2023
If you have an anxious or neurotic dog, this blog post is for you


Does dog behaviour improve when we improve their diet?

I’ve been pondering this very question for the last ten years, and it’s one of the reasons I leapt at the opportunity to help design the formula for Doggy Daily with the team at Olive’s Kitchen.

Good nutrition has long been accepted as a contributor to reducing cancer rates and improving skin and coat health but could the same be said for its positive impact on dog behaviour? The simple answer is absolutely!


Are mental disorders and metabolic disorders related?

According to Dr Palmer’s Brain Energy Theory, mental disorders are metabolic disorders. In other words, cell health is critical to both physical and mental health.

More specifically, the mitochondria play a critical part in:

  • the production of neurotransmitters (such as dopamine, serotonin, and gamma-aminobutyric acid)
  • the production and regulation of cortisol, estrogen, testosterone, and progesterone
  • regulating gene expression
  • turning on and off inflammation
  • metabolism and neurodevelopment


So how do we look after our metabolic health?

Having a healthy microbiome (i.e. a diverse range of good bacteria in the gut flora) is one of the best things pet parents can do to look after their pups’ physical and mental health. A healthy microbiome acts as your dog’s personal army against attacks from nasty bacteria, viruses and yeast.

The best way to increase the diversification of the microbiome is through diet. Feeding our pups a variety of healthy, fresh and unprocessed food is the gateway to good gut health. A healthy gut produces happy chemicals that help soothe and settle a fractious pup’s brain.


Feeding tips if your pup is feeling blue?

Feeding doggy daily with gold Kiwifruit powder will provide an antioxidant food boost to your pup’s bowl that can help naturally soothe the blues.


Dr Heidi Ward-McGrath

Dog Mum

Cat Mum




Interested in finding out more about our 100% natural, Good for the Gut Supplement for dogs? Shop our best-selling Doggy Daily Supplement today. A teaspoon a day in a dry or wet food bowl provides dogs with an essential dose of gut health-boosting nutrients that are missing from most modern pet diets.

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