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Can you feed your puppy healthy food scraps?

by Samantha Stretton 20 Sep 2021
Can you feed your puppy healthy food scraps?


According to world-renowned veterinarian and author Dr Karen Becker*, what we feed our puppies can literally impact their health and wellbeing outcomes across their entire life.

Historically, many pet owners have opted for a 100% dry food diet but with more and more research being down on the microbiome, diet diversity is now king. In other words, the more diverse your puppy’s food bowl, the healthier their gut and immune system can become.

So, can you put healthy food scraps in your puppy’s bowl?

According to Dr Becker a new study out of Finland has shown that healthy human food leftovers offered to puppies can significantly reduce allergy symptons and skin problems later in life. This protective effect increased the more often real foods were added.

“...even if the dog eats 80% of its food as dry, adding a minimum of 20% of the food as raw significantly decreased the risk of allergic skin disease later in life.” – Dr Anna Hielm-Björkman

According to the scientists, feeding a variety of raw or minimally processed, real food early in life may help to enhance the immune system, thereby reducing allergic responses later in life.

Interested in finding out more about Doggy Nutrition? Read our article on how high quality nutrition is an investment in pet health.

*The article is based on a blog post by veterinarian and author Dr Karen Becker who has recently published The Forever Dog with Rodney Habib.

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