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Where can you find a free superfood for your pet?

by Samantha Stretton 09 Sep 2021
Where can you find a free superfood for your pet?


One of the healthiest and easiest superfoods to add to your dog’s food bowl is the humble Dandelion. As long as you don’t use any spray, fertilizers or pesticides on your lawn, your dog can safely eat the whole thing - flowers, stems, leaves, and even the roots!

The reason that dandelions are such a great addition to your dog’s bowl is because they are rich in vitamins and minerals. Did you know that dandelions are more nutritious than kale and are particularly high in vitamin C, beta-carotene, K, and potassium? And it doesn’t stop there. They are also full of prebiotic fibre, and research has shown that dandelions have anti-inflammatory properties, may reduce stress on the liver by filtering potentially harmful chemicals out of food, and boosts the immune system. Not bad for something many people consider a weed!

Minced up dandelions can enrich all sorts of food bowls but if you are adding raw food to your dog’s diet for the first time, start small and introduce slowly so as not to upset their digestive system.*



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Doggy Detox

Made from a vitamin and mineral rich blend of dandelion, milk thistle, liquorice, parsley, kelp and ginger, Doggy Detox is helpful in promoting liver function and supporting a healthy liver.

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*This article is based on a blog post by veterinarian and author Dr Karen Becker who has recently published The Forever Dog with Rodney Habib.

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