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Not All Dog Treats Are Good For Dog Health

by Melissa Reid 11 Jun 2021
Not All Dog Treats Are Good For Dog Health


As a manufacturer and retailer of 100% natural, made in NZ dog treats, we wanted to make sure that everyone in our fur whānau was informed about the risks associated with imported dog treats — particularly those that are irradiated at the border. 

Please take a moment to read this recent article in Stuff. While the issue is not a new one, this article does a good job at outlining the risks associated with dried meat jerky imports in particular. Well-known animal nutritionist, Dr Nick Cave from Massey Veterinary School, says he doesn’t feed the treats to his own dogs.

Better to be safe than sorry?

While no one has been able to identify why some imported treats are creating health issues there do seem to be a number of areas that specialists do agree on:

  1. All treats are to used sparingly
  2. Local is best

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