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Four Great Reasons to Add MCT Oil to Your Pet’s Diet

by Sami Stretton 08 Jul 2021
Four Great Reasons to Add MCT Oil to Your Pet’s Diet


Medium-Chain Triglycerides (MCT) oils have experienced a huge surge in popularity in recent times due to the keto diet craze. Keto diet aside, this all-natural dietary supplement is not only linked to health benefits in humans but now also dogs!

In fact, recent studies show that MCT helps counterbalances the effects of ageing. Other research shows MCT oils can help manage canine epilepsy.

To better understand the potential benefits that MCT Oil can have for our beloved dogs, let’s take a closer look at what MCTs are.

The lowdown on MCTs

MCTs are fatty acids derived from various plant-based oils, including coconut oil. The majority of the fat present in coconut oil comes from the MCT concentration. These fats produce many benefits because of how they interact with your body such as improving our metabolism. That suggests the potential to produce similar benefits for dogs. 

What are some of the Potential Benefits of MCT Oil for Dogs?

Improves Skin Health

You can provide a boost to your dog’s skin health by adding an MCT oil like Olive’s Kitchen MCT Oil into their food or by rubbing it directly onto their skin. If your dog suffers from skin problems, such as hot spots or even skin allergies, apply MCT oil topically.

Improves Digestion

MCTs are easily digestible fats.  That means they work differently than other fats and get broken down in the liver, not the intestine. As a result, many vets believe coconut-based MCT like Olive’s Kitchen’s can aid digestion and help heal digestive disorders. Including MCT oils in your dog’s diet may also help them maintain a healthy weight.  Paws up to that!

Improve Brain Function

As dogs get older, they lose the ability to efficiently metabolize glucose. This can result in changes to their physical energy levels and their cognitive skills. Once again research suggests that the MCTs found in coconut oil can be effective at improving both brain energy and mental function in older dogs. By adding MCT Oil to your ageing dog’s diet, you may help them to produce and maintain higher energy levels.

Decreases Obesity

Poor diets, full of carbohydrates and lacking healthy fats like MCTs, are one of the key drivers behind a worldwide obesity problem in pets. Introducing MCT oil to their diet may not only improve their metabolism but also their ability to lose weight.  Controlling weight also helps to reduce the risk of arthritis, bone health, and other conditions tied to obesity. 

Olive’s Kitchen MCT Oil is now available to order online. Simply add it to the dog bowl or drip it into their mouths.

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