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Pet Insurance - Nice to Have or Need to Have?

by Sami Stretton 15 Nov 2019
Pet Insurance - Nice to Have or Need to Have?


When it comes to pet-loving nations of the world, New Zealand is right up there with 64% of us having at least one dog or cat in residence.

However, if we look at our take-up of pet insurance, the story is rather different.  According to industry statistics, only 1 in 10 cat Kiwi owners and not quite 1 in 5 Kiwi dog owners currently insure their pet.

As with any type of insurance – car, house, contents, travel, health etc – we invest in it hoping we will never have to claim to on it; it’s basically a backstop should the unexpected and/or unpredictable happen.

Pet insurance is no different; it’s a safety measure against the financial burden pet owners can suddenly face if the four-legged members of their household have an accident or become chronically ill.

As a Vet, I deal with unforeseen pet medical emergencies every day.  Having the peace of mind of knowing that the cost of your pet’s medical treatment won’t add to what is already a very stressful time is gold!

I encourage you to do some research online around costs because I think you will be pleasantly surprised.  For example, a basic surgery-only plan for cats might set you back less than $3 per week or less than $5 per week for a dog.

In my opinion, pet insurance goes on the ‘need to have’ list for families who want to relax in the knowledge that their fur family will always be able to access the very best veterinary care when the unforeseen strikes.

Dr Heidi Ward-McGrath BVSc

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