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We’re nuts about Coconut

by Sami Stretton 07 Nov 2019
We’re nuts about Coconut


Coconut is everywhere at the moment and for very good reason; it delivers a huge variety of medicinal benefits for pets and people alike including boosting pet heart health, reducing body stress, and decreasing mental decline.

But wait, there’s more…..recently published research suggests that our friend the coconut, specifically coconut oil, has certain antifungal properties too! More specifically, the research suggests that coconut oil could be used as a natural alternative to antifungal drugs when it comes to reducing the likelihood of infections caused by one of the most common fungal or yeast infections around known as Candida Albicans.

So why is that important for pets?

Many dogs that suffer from eczema, allergies and skin rashes are battling against an overgrowth of yeast which often causes them to itch, scratch and lick themselves sometimes abrasively. Diets that help to control the growth of that yeast can make for a much happier dog.

Doggy Diet Watch-outs

Diets that are high in carbohydrates such as dry dog food can “feed“ that yeast and cause them to multiply in the skin and gut.

Including coconut as a regular part of a balanced diet, on the other hand, can assist with the rebalancing of the normal microflora in your dog’s skin.

Dr Heidi
Holistic Veterinarian

Thanks Dr Heidi. Doggy Daily, of course, includes our friend the coconut along with many other health-promoting superfoods. Grab your pack today!

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