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Saving Ruby

by Sami Stretton 02 Oct 2019
Saving Ruby


Meet Ruby, a gorgeous, healthy golden retriever living the dream on a lifestyle block in sunny Wairarapa. Four months ago, however, Ruby’s quality of life couldn’t have been more different.



“When Ruby arrived in Masterton, she was depressed, with a dull coat and generally lacking in vitality.  Despite being a teenager she looked like a middle-aged dog.” Says Dr Heidi.



Ruby was suffering from multiple allergies, skin irritations, vitamin and mineral deficiencies, and a general microbiome imbalance. She was immediately put on a treatment plan that included a range of natural holistic supplements and natural foods as her primary “medicine”. She also received medicated baths twice weekly and had her ears treated daily with natural ear wipes.



“We started seeing changes in Ruby at the 2 weeks mark. She loved eating raw food, she started playing, and her amazing personality began to shine through. At 3 weeks Ruby was stable and at 6 weeks she was a new animal.” Dr Heidi



Today Ruby is living proof of the restorative benefits of a well-balanced, nutrient-rich RAW food diet. Her metabolism, microbiome and hormonal status continue to improve thanks to an all-natural RAW food diet and treatment plan that includes Doggy Daily to accelerate her recovery.



P.S Ruby now shares a home with 3 kids, 1 dog, 2 cats and a duck pond and couldn’t be happier!



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