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Olive's Kitchen In The Media


by Annah Stretton 09 Sep 2020

Kiwi company launches range of 'Doggy Bliss Balls' as healthy snack for dogs.

If you've frequented a healthy cafe in the last few years, you've probably at some point grabbed a bliss ball with your afternoon coffee. 

The sweet treats, often marketed as being healthier than their sugar and carbohydrate-laden counterparts, are usually made with nuts, seeds and dried fruit, for a nutrient-laden snack. 

But now one Kiwi company has produced a range that is fit for man's best friend. 

Dog supplement company Olive's Kitchen, run by Kiwi fashion royalty Annah Stretton and her daughter Sami, has announced the launch of its new Doggy Bliss Balls. 

Made in New Zealand, the new range provides pups with gut boosting nutrients - like turmeric, coconut and probiotics - all missing in action from most modern dog diets.


The doggy bliss balls could easily be confused for the regular, human-sized snack. Photo credit: Supplied.


Stretton says the company works with a number of vets to ensure each ingredient is tested and works to boost immunity, advance gut health, reduce inflammation and promote healthy skin and coats.

"The treat market is alive and well in the pet food industry, but sadly the high amounts of colouring, synthetic flavourings and additives, found in some varieties, means far too many are contributing to lifestyle diseases that many of our beloved pets are suffering from," said Dr Heidi Ward-McGrath, BVSc.

Doggy Bliss Balls include only natural ingredients like turmeric, chia, ginger, along with dates, oats, chia seeds, carob, pumpkin seeds, peanut butter (xylitol-free), honey and coconut.

"Ingredients such as turmeric and other naturally vitamin and mineral-rich foods such as chia

(as a source of essential fatty acids) are rapidly becoming accepted as a sensible mainstream idea for pets," Dr Ward-McGrath added.

Depending on the size of your dog, Olive's Kitchen recommends 1⁄2 to 1 ball per day for dogs. 

If you were so inclined you could probably take a bite of one yourself during play-time, but it might be best to save them for your pooch. 

- 9th September 2020

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