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Olive's Kitchen In The Media

REMIX Magazine

by Annah Stretton 14 Sep 2020
REMIX Magazine

Friday Favourites

We made it Remix readers! We made it through another long week of hard work. It’s time to sit back and enjoy your hard-earned weekend. I know I’ll be going to the nearest cocktail bar with a bubbly in hand. 

Here are some of our favourites for this week. Are you excited? Because we are…

Olives kitchen launches Doggy Bliss Balls 


Your pooch's supplements just got a whole lot better with the new Doggy Bliss Balls from the NZ brand Olives Kitchen. The new all-natural bliss balls offer both conveniences for owners and nutritional value for pups making them the ultimate balls of bliss. All ingredients of these supplements help the health of our four-legged friend's guts, as 90% of their immune system resides from this, ingredients include turmeric, coconut and probiotics. Happy gut, happy mutt.

- Remix Magazine 14/09/2020

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